I am currently seeking new career challenges as a Certified Salesforce.com Platform Developer, equipped with 8 years of practical experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. My proficiency spans the development lifecycle, application design, integration patterns, and deployment strategies, ensuring a well-rounded expertise.

My skills in Apex and Lightning development allow me to ensure high code quality and meet business needs through detailed code reviews, enhancements, and authorship. I excel at creating reusable UI/UX components with the Lightning component framework and fine-tuning code to adhere to Salesforce’s governor limits.

With a quick aptitude for adopting new technologies and methodologies, I have effectively incorporated them into projects and workflows. I am eager to join a forward-thinking and innovative team, where I can further develop my skills and contribute positively.

If you’re looking for a highly motivated professional with strong communication and problem-solving abilities, I invite you to get in touch. I’m excited about the possibility of discussing how I can bring value to your organization and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Personal Projects

Salesforce Spotlight

Salesforce, Chrome extension, Developer Tool

  • Salesforce Spotlight is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance your productivity on the Salesforce Lightning platform. With its advanced search and navigation features, Salesforce Spotlight allows you to quickly locate and access a wide range of Salesforce resources, significantly improving your efficiency.
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Salesforce, document, Translation

  • The translation is completed with the purpose of:
    • Using integration more in Salesforce projects.
    • Providing reference for English beginners.
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Dataloader, Scripting, Data Import/Export

  • Dataloader.sh is a scripting tool based on Apache Ant, similar to Salesforce’s dataloader.
  • Supports data import/export and can be executed on any server.
  • Can periodically execute Salesforce data through crontab commands.


Administrator, Field Permissions

  • An administrator can easily see the set of field permissions for a given user on a given object.


Golang, Slack, Integration

  • Uses Golang to parse Slack channel logs and sync the log data to the Salesforce platform.


Organizational Limitations, Productivity

  • This application uses Node.js, React.js, and JSforce to display organizational limitations in Salesforce.
  • Node.js builds the backend, while React.js creates the user interface for viewing the limitations.


LWC, JavaScript, Practice

  • This repository is primarily focused on implementing various LWC scenarios.
  • Emphasizes the use of JavaScript, code encapsulation, and optimization to enhance one’s own LWC capabilities.

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